Global Leaders

‘ The happiness, path ’

Global leaders. This is what our students get involved in. In fact, we encourage them to achieve their goals, no matter how big they are, since they all have good purposes for global society. However, being a leader implicates more than achieving goals. A leader fights for what he believes in, even if his goals seems to be delayed or changed as time passes by. The true strength in life is to learn how to get up and do it, constantly. A global leader is a person who understands about community wellness, respect and civism, a person who values the multicultural diversity of nations. It is someone who makes efforts to protect the environment and cares about it in every aspect of his life. A humble leader, learns and recognizes that he needs others to grow in a self-perspective way, and realizes that the biggest power he will ever get is what he has got inside his mind and heart and what he does with that. Because a leader does not understand about perfection, a leader seems perfection in what it takes to be happy, such as life-learnings, challenges, joyfulness, sadness,in fact, everything he needs to understand it as a natural part of what he is, and what he needs, to become a genuine leader.
Leaders usually have followers, even if they inspire just their neighborhood, their partners at work, the board at some project or even their bosses. They connect, and contribute. These Global leaders, remain outside the country, and inside. Some of them, outside trying to contribute their self and their surrounding community. Other instead, preferred to remain inside the country, but, always thinking global about changes they might apply in their professions, jobs and local community. Bringing to this communities the common sense of an "universal humanity". Always very conscious and sensible about the 21st Century main issues such as environment care, human rights, globalization, and for last, “Happinization”. this issue, is really, the endless truth of humanity: ‘The need of happiness in our life as the main value for everything.’ Here we expose just some of many leaders we will be posting from many kinds of professions. Artists, Engineers, Lawyers, Social leaders, Scientists, Doctors, and more…

Alvaro’s Case

‘ Our peaceful warrior ’

Alvaro Fabian Almeida is 31 years old, a lawyer and activist from Los Andes University who has been living in Lund, Sweden, since he finished his master in “Constitutional Law” at Universidad Nacional in Colombia. This “2004 Senior”, had already shown special aptitudes while he was studying at Gimnasio San Diego. His friends remember him at school as being : “a very honest person and a totally reliable friend who always seemed too advanced for his age. He constantly worried about getting things done to the best of his ability. He was certainly someone you could trust, and a very good friend”. When he graduated from school, he put on his glasses and read a lot. He was looking for something so complex, that it required a lot of serious analysis and days and nights of reading, but ‘Thank God”’, Alvaro loves reading! Even though he was miles away from Colombia, he was doing what he felt was his duty, keeping an eye on us and looking out for his country.

We know that Alvaro contributed significantly to our Government’s new transitional justice model, as part of the historical peace agreement made recently, the first one of relevance in more than 50 years in Colombia. Apparently, Alvaro was a main contributor and the mind behind of some of the contents standing in the new jurisprudence model, JEP. He worked as a consultant for the Victims Units at the highest management level, and also as a main consultor of "Profis Project" with the GIZ German agency cooperation, who were in charge of land restitution and “victims repair” issues. Furthermore, while he was working with Colombia’s General Attorney Unit investigator, he wrote some reports made for the Special Justice for Peace jurisprudence (JEP), about crimes committed during the armed conflict. His contributions to the JEP, make us realise just how far any student can go and how anyone can become a genuine leader, if he is able to put all his abilities, attitude, and his heart into what he does. That is the key to being a holistic human, capable of overcoming any challenge and reaching any goal step by step, when he sets his mind to it.
This student, passionate about human rights and society wellness, continues studying Sociology at Lund University in Sweden where he lives as one of the few scholars of the “Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals” program. He feels proud of who he is and even though he has made a lot of new friends since he left Colombia, he is still in contact with many of his old schoolmates who he appreciates the most. He remembers his school days with happiness and joy, and he realises today that although he didn’t know it at that time, right there in Gimnasio San Diego, there was someone, his friends affectionately called “coque”, who was forging a future for himself as a leader.

Angela’s Case

‘ Designing for future’

Inspired, brave, creative. This is how we describe this ingenious student. Angela Maria Mantilla, who now lives in London, England, works at DBOX creative media agency , where she develops architectural images and pictures, such as animations, nobody has seen before. How awesome is that? She started her studies at Bogotá, Colombia, in Los Andes University, where she finished her bachelor at Architecture, but preparing for the next step, a master degree at " Architectural Visualization" in Canterbury, UK. With only 28 years old, Angela works at this agency as a CG Designer creating this innovative visualization technology, that does not exist for marketing & sales, or planning permission yet. And having worked more than 3 years at this subject, she considers himself grateful for her professional opportunity and realized about living in such a complex, but charming city as London is.
We believe in innovation and that is why we encourage Angela to continue her mission at London, always putting passion and the best attitude in whatever she wants to do.

Chato’s Case

‘ Our Youngest Leader’

There is no other way to call him. Because his nickname was so strong and well-heard by everyone at school, that in an affectionate way even his teachers and the principal's called him chato. But this nickname, sounded loud and strong but not in a hilarious way, but with proud. Because, such as Alvaro, Juan Sebastian Reyes, manage to be the youngest and the first student to study at Europe and not only that, but to develop in a professional way in there. Juan was the youngest of his class, with only fifteen years old at his graduation, he gained the respect from his schoolmates, as he demonstrated them that he was not the "minor aged" student, but the mayor brain in class.His friends, remember him not only as a good friend, but as someone who was always superior to all academic expectations. And, he was, he graduated as a mechanic engineer from UIS university in Colombia, one of the best in country, and did also his master in science of production at the RWTH-Aachen in Germany. This "Kid" is no longer that, as he is now 29 years old, and lives in Dresden, Germany, where he works at Vysion-Aset Gmbh, He is expecting to initiate his doctorate on this 2020, but beyond that, he is waiting to the next graduates reunion to meet and greet some of his closest friends and teachers of the School. We congratulate him for all his achievements in life, and we promess him, we will start calling him Juan Sebastian. Or maybe not..

Mariana’s Case

‘ Living, Italian dream ’

Fashion, ice creams, design, pizza and pasta, in Italy, with only 27 years old, Mariana has access to everything any woman will dream, in her daily life. But the most important thing she has, is that she is living her dream. Mariana Daniela Chacón graduated from los Andes University as Product Designer, and then she decided to migrate to Milan, where she finished her master in Fashion System Design at Politecnico Di Milano, giving her the opportunity to collaborate and work at several fashion enterprises in Italy designing fashion products. She sent us her picture at one of the main Cathedrals, close to Plaza de San Marcos in Milan where she lives. We wish her the best and we encourage her to inspire more women to follow their dreams and to accomplish their personal goals and objectives at several careers.

Leinny’s Case

‘Driving” in France ’

This 26-year old woman, has been capable, not only to reach France for studying as she managed to had a really good French at school, but to “drive” his life very well. Leinny Yarith Jimenez graduated as an Engineer Mechanic at UIS university, the best in country at this field. When she moved to France, she decided to continue his professional studies at the “Ecole National d’Ingénieurs de Metz”. She finds France a very open but friendly country for students and tourists, as well as passionate for art and culture. She feels also at home at “Issy-les-Moulineaux” since she lives there, and she dedicates the most at his job at PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel and Vauxhall brands) where she works as an Integrated Systems Engineer. She also had the opportunity to work in this field as a Quality Engineer for diesel and gas engines, and most important, she recognizes that hard work and discipline were the key to achieve all she has done in France. She remembers her school as her second home, and also his schoolmates as her second family. We wish her the best at France, as we greet her from Colombia.

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