Excellence Commitment

Gimnasio San Diego, Une école très spéciale

‘ Getting into America & Europe ’

As part of our Quality Standards Policies we guarantee our offer to be as competitive as it is fruitful for our graduates. Since childhood, we have introduced our pupils to language using several tools, from games, movies and other didactical materials, to professional reading and workbooks as any other institute would do. However, we believe that excellence is more than that, and so we went even further. Twenty six years ago we recognized Globalization was more a fact than an illusion and since then, as the first trilingual institution in the state, we structured an English and French program. These programs are based on bilingual methods, oriented by performance indicators for grammar, reading, listening and speaking competences of the Common European Framework of Reference standing at Cambridge University, combined with the best technology equipment available for use on campus. In addition to this, we have always had a nati ve-bilingual recruitment policy, trying to ensure that our students have every opportunity to practice the language on a daily basis in our school’s social environment as well as in the classroom. We even created our own complementary material for some main subjects such as Science and Social Studies, and finally, we perfected the program, making alliances with University of Michigan, integrating their test certification method, the (MET). Taking in consideration our language education as a holistic issue, we give our students the skills necessary to also take the TOEFL or IELTS exams. If they manage to get a C1 level in these tests it means that they have achieved proficiency level, equivalent to professional, almost native speaker. In consequence, our students are totally prepared for a Global Experience, and that is why we encourage them after graduating to go on full immersion language trips, since they are proficient at the language and manage to travel as adults by that time. This increases not only their knowledge but also their opportunity of entering a foreign University, and even of developing a professional life in the country they choose to visit. However, this is not just what our language program is about. In the area of the French language, we have managed to get our program certified by the French Ministry of Education. This means that we can offer our pupils the chance to reach the official level required for entering Universities around Europe, North América and many other locations. There is no doubt, in the 21st century, that French and English are the main languages worldwide, and the most spoken. French has now become so much a part of our essence and our projections, that the ambassador of France, Gautier Mignot, congratulated our students for their great language proficiency, and our school for our high academic results, on his last visit to our campus.
Finally, our best Certificate of Excellence is our graduates. They are our biggest source of pride because, apart from being proficient language users, they are Global Leaders. Leaders of the future, who have successfully applied the skills and life-learning acquired during their time at Gimnasio San Diego to help them become the people they had dreamed of being.
That is our true, Excellence Commitment.

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